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Ways To Get Inworld: Second Life Viewers

Ways To Get Inworld: Second Life Viewers

The way inworld is through a program known as a viewer. Viewers, much like browsers, do roughly the same job but may have slight variations in the exact instructions. For example, following the exact instructions to add a bookmark in Internet Explorer will just confuse you terribly if you're working in Safari.

This site was originally put together under the previous iteration of the official Second Life viewer but is in the process of updated to reflect the changes in Viewer 2, which can be downloaded at For simplicity, tutorials on this site will refer to the most recent versions of the SL Viewer (depending on how quickly I can get updates up!)

Since the source code has been generously put out to be tinkered with, there are a wide number of viewers available to access Second Life with. A comphrehensive list can be found on the Second Life Wiki here. Linden Lab has instituted a Third Party Viewer policy that places certain requirements on viewers for them to be officially accepted, so you might do best to pick one of those out. Just keep in mind that what you read here may not match what you see on your personal viewer.

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